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So I just saw your post about the Pride being released but I've never heard of it. Can you tell me what it's about?

The Pride is about a team of LGBTQ superheroes who come together to improve diversity and representation in their world (and in a meta way, the genre as a whole). They face a public that would rather see them as jokes, background characters or not at all, but come together with their uncompromising strength and conviction. The Pride are there for everyone.

And while the team comes together, something evil and twisted is brewing in the background…

You can learn even more about The Pride on the Facebook page, as well as seeing loads more art to peruse from a cavalcade of incredible artists, from the new to well established, including Marvel legends Kevin Wada and Kris Anka, TMNT and Magnus: Robot Fighter’s Cory Smith, and Santa vs. The Nazis and Stiffs’ Gavin Mitchell.

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My latest article looking at a new LGBTQ comics event taking place as part of the Leeds Comic Art Festival, part of the week long celebrations surrounding Thoughtbubble in November!

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