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We have some incredible and talented fans and followers on The Pride, and here is just a selection of their fan art contributions. From Matt Harrison, Samir Madani Chaalal, Maxime Garbarini, Fab Ng, Biram Ba, and Andrew Scaife.

You can learn more about The Pride and follow us on Facebook, and contribute in our weekly Fan Art Fridays.

Or you can even buy the comics to check out what everyone is loving so damn much, at our online store!

And remember, all through LGBT History Month, we are running special offers on the store. 

-Purchase all PRINT copies of The Pride and The Pride Adventures and enter code LGBTH14 for The Pride Adventures#1 to become FREE!

-Get all the DIGITAL copies, and use code DLGBTH14 for the TPA#1 digital copy to become free!

-Or make ANY order of any size or amount and enter code SLGBT14, and you will get 15% off your order!

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